Services for Government

Consulting Services

  • Assistance with dumping calculations, injury studies and verification.
  • Advice on elements of overseas AD investigations common to all exporters¬†(i.e. not company specific). Focus on injury aspects and economic advocacy.

Expert Studies & Reports

  • External, independent evaluations of policy or study projects from an acknowledged expert.
  • Cliff Stevenson was the principal consultant and author of the major 2005 Evaluation of EU Trade Instruments (undertaken while still at the law firm Mayer, Brown, Rowe & Maw) on behalf of DG Trade of the European Commission.
  • Risk analysis for exporters – Certain countries are significantly affected by TDI and businesses exporting from such countries should understand the risks. Organizing studies in the common interest can be the most effective way of assisting business to internalize risk in decision making and adopt strategies to minimize such risk.


  • Cliff Stevenson Consulting provides training to government officials on all aspects of anti-dumping and other TDI.
  • In case of AD officials, they are running complex investigations. Training in complex aspects of case e.g. dumping calc, causality, lesser duty rule is greatly needed, particularly when new people come into the job.
  • This includes specialised courses on AD investigation for anti-dumping authorities (e.g. courses previously organised for the Thai and Indian anti-dumping teams).
  • Training courses for EU Member States are also organised (e.g. previous courses prepared for the UK Department of Trade & Industry).
"Cliff Stevenson combines a worldwide reputation with comprehensive knowledge of the full impact of trade agreements and trade laws"
Mickey Kantor, Partner at Mayer Brown Rowe and Maw. Former United States Secretary of Commerce and U.S. Trade Representative.

"I have come to rely on his discretion and professionalism as well as his exceptional level of expertise in all aspects of international trade policy and economics"
Iain MacVay, Iain MacVay, Partner, King & Spalding.