Services to Law Firms

Economic support & other consultancy on AD, CVD and Safeguards

  • For 25 years, Cliff Stevenson has provided economic support and other consultancy to law firms on global anti-dumping , countervailing duties (anti-subsidy) and safeguards.
  • He has been the only economist specialising full-time in EU anti-dumping and other trade defence instruments. 
  • Why bring an outside economist to assist a law firm?
    • because it reduces overall input costs of the law firm (low overheads mean that fee rates are highly competitive for the high level of expertise)
    • it increases the quality of the work by adding rigorous economic input working to the advantage both of your client and your anti-dumping practice.
  • This service is primarily aimed at EU law firms representing interested parties in EU anti-dumping & other TDI investigations (countervailing duty/anti-subsidy and safeguards). However, Cliff does have considerable experience of working on cases in other countries,

Training on Economics of TDI Investigations

  • Economic issues are critical throughout the substantive parts of trade remedies/TDI investigations.  Lawyers practising in this area need to have a good understanding of these issues.  Cliff Stevenson Consulting provides tailor-made training for lawyers, aimed at giving them a better grounding on economic issues
  • This training allows lawers to handle anti-dumping and other TDI investigations more effectively by themselves.  It also helps them to understand understand when it may be appropriate to use outside economics help and how to get the most benefit from an economist.
  • For further information, see a sample course outline.

Business advice on setting up an anti-dumping practice

  • Cliff Stevenson Consulting is able to provide practical business and marketing advice on setting up an anti-dumping practice and running anti-dumping investigations.
  • This service is useful to:
    • law firms that do trade remedies/TDI work from time to time and would like to get more business
    • law firms that want a trade practice and need trade remedies/TDI work as one of the bread and butter services
    • law firms that already operate in this market but find it difficult to make it a viable business.
  • Cliff can assist in marketing your practice.  No-one in the EU has been more successful in creating profile through major media outlets e.g. Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Economist, Frankfurter Allgemeine, CNN, CNBC etc.  He can assist your practice to do the same.
"Cliff Stevenson combines a worldwide reputation with comprehensive knowledge of the full impact of trade agreements and trade laws"
Mickey Kantor, Partner at Mayer Brown Rowe and Maw. Former United States Secretary of Commerce and U.S. Trade Representative.

"I have come to rely on his discretion and professionalism as well as his exceptional level of expertise in all aspects of international trade policy and economics"
Iain MacVay, Iain MacVay, Partner, King & Spalding.