Why I Love What I Do

Many people may think this is strange but I love anti-dumping and other trade/competition policy issues. They provide a great mix of politics, economics, law and accountancy and every piece of work throws up new and challenging issues. Most importantly, it matters. Anti-dumping cases are usually about jobs. Industries lose jobs when they face unfair imports. At the same time, exporters may have to lay off people if they face unfair trade restrictions. Helping to ensure the fairest application of the rules and finding the right compromises in such difficult situations is a fantastic role to play.

I love what I do and clients find this reflected in the enthusiasm and good humour with which I approach my work.


Those of you who already know Cliff Stevenson will be aware that he works by the following six golden rules in serving and representing his clients:

  • Work to the highest quality possible; never compromise on quality.
  • Be reliable ; always do what is promised.
  • Be honest and trustworthy in all business transactions.
  • Always add value to ensure clients get value for money.
  • Use creativity and imagination to find innovative solutions to difficult problems.
  • Explain technical matters using plain English to non-specialists in an accessible and comprehensible way.
"Cliff Stevenson combines a worldwide reputation with comprehensive knowledge of the full impact of trade agreements and trade laws"
Mickey Kantor, Partner at Mayer Brown Rowe and Maw. Former United States Secretary of Commerce and U.S. Trade Representative.

"I have come to rely on his discretion and professionalism as well as his exceptional level of expertise in all aspects of international trade policy and economics"
Iain MacVay, Iain MacVay, Partner, King & Spalding.