About Cliff Stevenson


  • Private Practice – For past 10 years freelance economic consultant specialising in anti-dumping and other trade/antitrust issues in January 2006. Head of the Mayer Brown Rowe & Maw European Trade Practice and Chief Economist in the EU Competition & Trade Group for seven years between 1999 and 2005. Previously Director of MGK Trade Policy Consultants.

  • Government – Served in the UK Department of Trade & Industry during the Uruguay Round of GATT/WTO trade negotiations.  During his time at the DTI he was involved in a review of national UK quotas/VRAs, (machine tools, gloves, hats, cars), a study on UK interests in liberalisation of trade in services (insurance, banking, management consulting), measuring non-tariff barriers, review of EU anti-dumping.  Cliff represented the UK at meetings of the GATT, UNCTAD and member state meetings in Brussels.

  • Academic – Cliff Stevenson obtained a BA Economics from Staffordshire University and an MSc Economics from Queen Mary College, University of London. He also lectured in economics for one year at Staffordshire University.  Cliff also has an MA Fine Art from the University of Brighton (part time 2013-2015).

  • Author – He is author of the world’s leading publication on global anti-dumping laws, The Global Anti-Dumping Handbook, and many issues of the Global Trade Protection Report. He is a regular contributor of articles to numerous trade and legal publications. He has now set up his own specialised publishing company Anti-Dumping Publishing.

  • Commentator – He is often interviewed by the media (e.g. CNN, CNBC) on trade issues and his original research has been featured in the publications such as the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal and The Economist.


“Cliff Stevenson combines a worldwide reputation with comprehensive knowledge of the full impact of trade agreements and trade laws”

Mickey Kantor, Partner at Mayer Brown Rowe and Maw. Former United States Secretary of Commerce and U.S. Trade Representative.

“As a business person involved in the practical aspects of anti-dumping for more than 20 years, I have always found Cliff Stevenson’s publications on anti-dumping to be most useful. I was also impressed with the report that he produced for the European Commission in 2005 evaluating EU anti-dumping rules and other trade defence instruments “.


Dr Bernhard Marcinowski, Central Department, Taxes, Duties and Trade Control, BASF.

“Having worked with Cliff Stevenson for a decade on various projects, I have come to rely on his discretion and professionalism as well as his exceptional level of expertise in all aspects of international trade policy and economics. Cliff works efficiently and effectively with all aspects of the economics and quantitative aspects of trade matters. He has a deep understanding of the legal context of EU trade cases and contributes to the integration of the legal aspects of cases with the economics and policy context he works on.”

Iain MacVay, Partner & Head of International Trade Practice, Steptoe & Johnson, London.

“We were impressed by the quality of the work and the time in which you turned it around”


Philip Myers, Public and Government Affairs Director – EU, PepsiCo International

"I wanted to take the opportunity to say a personal thanks for all your help and advice in support of the work of the MTRA which has been invaluable.  I have enjoyed working with you and the thoroughness and details in your reports has been astounding”


Tony Burke, Assistant General Secretary of Unite the Union and member of MTRA.

“Cliff Stevenson has for many years pioneered ways to achieve a more rigourous approach to the use of economic evidence in trade cases. As a dedicated trade specialist and former national official he brings valued skills to bear when representing clients before the Commission.”

John Grayston, Head of Intenational Trade and Commerce Group, Eversheds LLP

Cliff Stevenson provides an exceptional knowledge of the economics and policy of international trade combined with a clear business sense of the practicalities of trade matters. When considered along with his knowledge of the internal workings of the Commission, it makes Cliff an invaluable member of any trade team.”

Pat Neale, President, EFFTA (European Fluoropolymer Fair Trade Association)