Services for EU Industry

Strategies to deal with unfairly traded imports


Cliff Stevenson Consulting can assist EU industries in analysing import problems and reviewing strategy options.

Anti-dumping has been the principal trade defence instrument used by the EU.  Cliff Stevenson has 25 years experience in EU anti-dumping, including working for exporters, complainants, importers and DG Trade.

Anti-subsidy (countervailing duties) is also important as it will play a much greater role in EU TDI in the future.  There are a number of problems in using the CVD instrument and Cliff Stevenson Consulting can assist in addressing all these problems.

For example, there is a need for benchmarking in measuring subsidies where markets are distorted by the state. The WTO jurisprudence in Canada – softwood lumber has established some important principles about what economic evidence can be used to measure such subsidies.

Note that we do not help industries seeking unjustified protectionism.  What we do is to help industries that are genuinely facing an unfair trade situation to assert their legitimate rights and obtain appropriate protection.  By only taking on strong cases, we are confident that we can provide EU industries with a successful outcome.

Consulting Services in TDI Investigations


Once a strategy has been created, we can also help implement it.

Robust economic evidence  and strong economic advocacy is critical in obtaining protection from dumped imports, particularly in relation to injury, causal link and Community interest.  We have many years experience of producing such evidence.

Thresholds to get complaints accepted in the EU, and measures adopted, are ever increasing.

Training Courses


Cliff Stevenson Consulting provides specialised training on trade defence instruments for EU industries.

Tailor-made, in-house courses include specialist modules on preparing AD and CVD complaints.