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  • Served in UK Department of Trade & Industry as Economist during the Uruguay Round of trade negotiations.

  • 30 years in private practice including seven years as Chief Economist and Head of EU Trade practice at Mayer Brown Rowe & Maw.

  • Past 15 years as expert freelance economic consultant.

  • Particular specialisation in anti-dumping and other trade defence instruments.

  • Consultant to Governments including European Commission, UK, Thailand, China and Czech Republic.

  • Unique perspective – multidisciplinary experience and advanced analytical skills combining economics, law and policy.

  • Author of Global Anti-Dumping Handbook and numerous articles in academic journals.

  • Research featured in Financial Times, Wall Street Journal and The Economist etc.

  • Regularly interviewed on global trade issues on business news channels e.g. CNN, CNBC etc.

  • Major clients as freelance consultant – Ernst & Young/HVG Law, PWC, Pepsico International, SABIC, Vue Cinemas, Thai Commercial Office, Thai Ministry of Commerce), UK Government (DTI and DFID), Mayer Brown. Gide, Clyde & Co, Zhonglun, Joschum Shore & Trossevin, Eurometaux, CIRFS, British Retail Consortium, UK Manufacturing Trade Remedies Alliance (MTRA), UK Steel, British Ceramic Confederation, British Glass, Chemical Industries Association, Confederation of Paper Industries, Mineral Products Association, Renewable Transport Fuel Association, GMB Union, Unite the Union, TUC, Agricultural Industries Confederation, CF Fertiliser, Pinsent Masons LLP, European Parliament, Siam Food Products, Ensus, London School of Economics, New Zealand Steel.


  • Involved in a number of WTO disputes including Korea & Chile liquor tax, Canada pharmaceutical patents, Thailand H bars, EU/India GSP, Byrd Amendment, and EU bed linen.

  • Assessment of the WTO consistency of EU import duties on rice and preparation of possible WTO case.

  • Assessing the WTO consistency of a change in the customs classification of certain types of chicken and advice during WTO dispute settlement proceedings.

  • Assessment of the extent to which ACP preferences have nullified benefits expected to be received by non-ACP countries

  • Examining the WTO compatibility of the automatic extension of anti-dumping duties and textiles quotas to new EU Member States as a result of enlargement.

  • Analysis of share of GSP imports in the context of graduation and special incentive provisions in the EU’s GSP.


  • Expert on UK trade remedy system - Helped to create the Manufacturing Trade Remedy Association (MTRA), a broad group of manufacturing trade associations & trade unions.  Worked closely wtih DIT in development of post-Brexit legislation and in meetings with Ministerial and Shadow Ministerial teams.

  • Assisted UK industries in many of the initial UK Brexit transition reviews  2020 onwards (Welded Tubes, PSC Wire & Stands, Biodiesel (dumping & subsidy), Steel safeguards, Wire Rod, HFP Rebar)

  • Involvement in many anti-dumping, anti-subsidy and safeguard investigations both in the EU and other countries (e.g. South Africa, Brazil, Malaysia).

  • Analysis of responses to the green paper on EU trade defence instruments for a coalition of EU complainants / petitioners. (2007)

  • Major study for UK Department of Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) on the impact of anti-dumping investigations on UK business. (2012)

  • Major study on risk of EU anti-dumping actions on Chinese clothing products for a group of EU retailers and importers. (2009)

  • Consultant to European Commission on several projects relating to anti-dumping, including major evaluation of EC trade defence instruments (2005).

  • Review of Nigerian anti-dumping and countervailing duty policy for UK Department for International Development (DFID) (2012)

  • Detailed analysis of WTO consistency of various anti-dumping measures (e.g. South African duties on carbonless paper from Belgium, Germany and the UK).

  • Training courses and handbooks for business (Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Slovak Republic, Romania).

  • Training courses for anti-dumping officials (India, Thailand, UK).

  • Two day training course for lawyers and customs experts in Brussels (2015)

  • Litigation – Expert economic evidence/witness in WTO dispute settlement (footwear), CFI application (salmon) and VAT tribunal (light bulb imports).

  • Created unique resources for Includes dumping calculation tools, injury submission templates, indexed anti-dumping legislation for all major users and Global Anti-Dumping Manual (over 300 pages). (2014)

  • Monitoring of global anti-dumping actions through network of AD experts around the globe.


  • Advised companies on issues relating to origin of goods, valuation of products for duty purposes, customs classification, administration of textiles quotas, and rules regarding circumvention of anti-dumping duties.

  • Advice to UK importer in customs dispute with HMRC re anti-dumping duties and origin of solar panel modules (2016/17)

  • Major study on the WTO consistency of rice import duties and advice to the Thai Government in their WTO dispute with the EU on the customs classification of salted chicken.

  • Adviser in numerous re-negotiations of bound tariffs under Article XXVIII of the GATT 1994

  • Project for the European Commission analysing the concept of origin in internationally traded services (during Uruguay Round GATS negotiations).

  • Provided strategic counselling to multinational companies on maximising the benefit of tariff preferences under free trade agreements and other preferential trading rules.

  • Detailed advice to various UK companies on Brexit related customs changes (2020-2022)


  • Preparation of economic analysis & reports on relevant market, competitive impact of various abuses, pricing in regulated industries and state aid. Sectors include chemicals, satellite capacity, music, mobile telecommunications, housebuilding, IT systems, and cinemas.

  • Detailed study of relevant markets for satellite telecommunications services.

  • Analysis of pricing formulas for indirect mobile phone access.

  • Detailed report on relevant market for parallel imports in pharmaceuticals.

  • Preparation of evidence of excessive pricing relating to intellectual property rights and music.

  • Advice and expert report on the impact of international exhaustion of copyright for the UK music industry.

  • Economic advice to Vue Cinemas in UK Office of Fair Trading and UK Competition Commission investigations. This included presenting evidence before the UK Competition Commission.

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