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Trade Remedy Topics Covered in Cliff Stevenson Consulting Blog

Guides for different interested parties

12 things UK industry should know about UK trade remedies

12 things exporters should know about UK trade remedies

12 things importers should know about UK trade remedies

Statistics on Global Trade Remedy Activity


Countervailing Duties


UK Legislation


Trade Act 2021

  • Section 6 - The Trade Remedies Authority

  • Section 7 - Provision of Advice, support and assistance by the TRA

  • Schedule 4 - The Trade Remedies Authority

Taxation (Cross-Border Trade Act) 2018

  • Section 13 - Dumping of goods, foreign subsidies and increase in imports

  • SCHEDULE 4 - Dumping of goods or foreign subsidies causing injury to UK industry

  • SCHEDULE 5 - Increase in imports causing serious injury to UK producers

Finance Act 2022

  • Section 74 - Transitioned trade remedies: decisions by Secretary of State

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