brexit and uk/eu fta

Market access

and customs

  • Training on WTO and trade agreements – WTO basics and free trade agreements including a full understanding of what the ‘WTO option’ means for the UK.

  • Issue identification, impact assessments and strategies.  Although there remains a lot of uncertainty, there is more certainty than some press articles would suggest.

  • Reducing the uncertainty to the minimum level allows critical issues to be identified

  • Preparation of positions papers for discussion with government and other interested parties.

  • Assessing WTO consistency of trade barriers

  • Preparation of arguments and evidence for WTO dispute settlement proceedings.

  • Advice and strategies for multilateral and bilateral trade negotiations.

  • Analysis of customs questions such as origin, customs classification and preferential trade agreements.

trade remedies

  • Consulting services in anti-dumping investigations, including dumping calculations and injury/causality studies.

  • Preparation and presentation of expert evidence

  • Tailor-made training.

  • Having worked on anti-dumping matters for exporters, domestic industry seeking protection, importers and a number of governments (including the European Commission), experienced on all sides of the debate.

data analysis

Industry and injury studies

Analysis of trade data

Market analysis


Specialised training on trade remedies.  Also training on Brexit issues including free trade agreements, no deal and implementation period scenarios.


Expert analysis of negotiating texts for trade agreements or WTO dispute settlement.  Preparation of detailed negotiating positions and strategies.


Unique and detailed analysis of regulations or laws.  Assistance in monitoring and drafting of new legislation.