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International Trade Consulting

trade remedies

Market access
and customs

brexit and uk/eu fta

  • High level technical consulting services in anti-dumping and subsidy investigations, including dumping calculations and injury/causality studies.

  • Preparation and presentation of expert evidence

  • Tailor-made training - we have organised courses in 15 countries.

  • Having worked on trade remedy matters over the past 30 years for exporters, domestic industry, importers and a number of governments (including the European Commission), vast experience on all sides of the debate.

  • Assessing WTO consistency of trade barriers

  • Preparation of arguments and evidence for WTO dispute settlement proceedings.

  • Advice and strategies for multilateral and bilateral trade negotiations.

  • Analysis of customs questions such as origin, customs classification and preferential trade agreements.

  • Brexit policy and legislation.

  • Issue identification, impact assessments and strategies.

  • Expert analysis of critical issues

  • Preparation of positions papers for discussion with government and other interested parties.

  • Preparation of training programmes for UK industry.

Who I can help with trade remedies

UK Manufacturers

  • We can help UK industry deal with unfair situations caused by imports. 

  • Analysis of import problems and review of strategy options on which instrument may be appropriate (i.e. anti-dumping, countervailing duties or safeguards.

  • Assistance with applications for trade remedy measures to the Trade Remedies Authority including coordination with the pre-application office. 

  • Preparation of robust economic evidence, including calculations of prima facie dumping and subsidy margins for the application. 

  • Monitoring of TRA public file and preparation of written submissions and hearing presentations throughout the investigation.

  • 12 things UK industry should know about UK trade remedies


  • Export pricing strategies to avoid risk of investigations. 

  • Extensive economic and consulting services to exporters involved in UK dumping and subsidy investigations including assistance in completion and verification of questionnaires. 

  • Full review of data to establish whether the TRA is likely to find dumping or subsidies.  Preparation of injury & causality studies and presentation at hearings. 

  • Review of disclosure documents and detailed calculations to show that dumping/subsidy is not occurring if this is the case or to ensure that duties are set at a minimum level reflecting the factual circumstances of the company concerned.

  • 12 things exporters should know about UK trade remedies

Importers, users, retailers

  • Where measures will cause disproportionate negative effects to the UK economy, assistance in ensuring that robust economic evidence is submitted to the TRA. 

  • Support for economic advocacy plan and organisation of collective action on behalf of importing interests. 

  • 12 things importers should know about UK trade remedies


  • Expert Studies & Reports - external, independent evaluations of policy or study projects from an acknowledged expert.  

  • Specialist training for trade remedy authorities - we have trained officials in Czech Republic, India, Thailand and UK.

Law firms

  • Economic support and other consultancy to law firms on trade remedy investigations. 

  • Outsourcing of economic and calculation issues is cost-efficient and allows law firms to provide highest level of services to their clients. 


  • My industry is being affected by unfairly priced imports

  • I'm being unfairly accused of dumped prices

  • I would like a summary of complicated legislation and regulations

  • I’m confused by Brexit

  • I am facing trade barriers

  • I need trade and industry data analysed

  • I need expert trade policy evidence prepared

  • I don't understand how dumping and subsidy margins are calculated

  • I am feeling creatively blocked

  • I am unhappy in my business


  • I am a high level trade policy technical expert with a forensic attention to technical detail.

  • Background in government and economics providing high level policy advice on all aspects of trade policy and law.

  • I have always been left brain dominant.  My career has been based on my nerdiness and passion for technical detail.  

  • 10 years ago I went to art school and obtained an MA in fine art. This result in a crazy setting free of the right side of my brain.

  • I now offer business and creative coaching and mentoring.


  • I love what I do!

  • Service to others, community and the universe.

  • I am a technical nerd, spiritual, creative that wants to use my skills and expertise to help people solve difficult problems.

  • I'm passionate and obsessive about the detail of legislative and regulatory problems.

  • To carry a message of creative healing and inspiration.  Particularly to provide hope for those who are suffering in business or the workplace.

  • To spread the word that it is possible to love what you do in any situation.


Analysis of complicated legislation and regulations.  Preparation of summaries written in plain language for the non-expert.

data analysis

Industry and injury studies

Analysis of trade data

Market analysis


Expert analysis of negotiating texts for trade agreements or WTO dispute settlement.  Preparation of detailed negotiating positions and strategies.


Unique and detailed analysis of regulations or laws.  Assistance in monitoring and drafting of new legislation.


Preparation of expert evidence, reports and submissions


Specialised training on trade remedies and all aspects of trade policy and WTO agreements.  Also training on Brexit issues.


Forty years experience of helping many industries.  Advice and coaching to start-ups or professionals needing practical help or creative inspiration.


Mental health and creativity mentoring.  Wellbeing programmes for business professionals.

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