Cliff Stevenson Consulting


Experience:  Cliff Stevenson is a UK-based freelance economic consultant that for the past 29 years has worked for governments and businesses on all aspects of trade and regulatory policy affecting access to the EU and global markets. He started his career as a trade economist in the UK Department of Trade & Industry during the Uruguay Round of tariff negotiations. Later in his career, Cliff was Chief Economist in the Trade & Competition team at one of the world’s top 10 law firms, Mayer Brown. He is one of the world’s leading experts on trade defence instruments (trade remedies). Cliff’s original research and comments have been featured in various top publications e.g. Financial Times, Economist etc, as well as on TV (CNN, CNBC etc).

Services:  Freelance international trade policy consultancy including trade agreements and negotiations, trade barriers and market access, WTO disputes, customs issues (e.g. origin, classification etc).  He also specialises in economic and policy consultancy on issues relating to anti-dumping, anti-subsidy (countervailing duties), and safeguards.  Provides specialised trade remedy consultancy and anti-dumping training courses. Uniquely positioned to offer BREXIT consulting (training, impact assessments, issue identification, BREXIT strategies, preparation of position papers etc.).

Unique:  Cliff is one of the leading Brexit consultants and principally focuses on the law, economics and policy of international trade problems. With a professional economics background, he is particularly strong in the most complex aspects of anti-dumping and other trade defence cases (e.g. dumping calculations, injury analyses etc.). He adopts a similar multipdisciplinary approach to other policy areas such as antitrust/competition.

Flexible:  Cliff is flexible as to the way in which he works. Many of his clients are law firms that bring him in to provide specialist economic support in anti-dumping investigations or competition cases affecting their clients. Governments use him to train their officials and provide expert evaluations or studies. Businesses use Cliff to complement their in-house counsel.


"Cliff Stevenson combines a worldwide reputation with comprehensive knowledge of the full impact of trade agreements and trade laws"
Mickey Kantor, Partner at Mayer Brown Rowe and Maw. Former United States Secretary of Commerce and U.S. Trade Representative.

"I have come to rely on his discretion and professionalism as well as his exceptional level of expertise in all aspects of international trade policy and economics"
Iain MacVay, Iain MacVay, Partner, King & Spalding.