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  • Global initiations of anti-dumping  (AD) investigations have seen significant fluctuations in recent years.

  • 2021 saw the third highest number of AD investigations since the creation of the WTO in 1995.

  • On average, over the period 1995-2022, around two-thirds of investigations initiated resulted in measures being adopted.

  • 2020 saw the highest level of AD measures ever adopted in a single year.

  • Looking at trends over longer periods, it is apparent that the past 8 years has seen on average a slightly higher rate of investigations ending with measures compared with the previous two decades (see table below chart).

  • 2021 and the first first six months appear to show a significant drop in cases initiated.  For 2022, even on an annualised basis, the number of investigations would be at the lowest levels for this period.

  • Over the whole period India has initiated the most anti-dumping investigations followed by the United States.

  • The share of total initiations accounted for by India and the US has been growing over recent years as indicated by the graph below.

  • China is by far the country most subject to anti-dumping investigations.  It accounts for around one quarter of all cases since 1995.

  • Over the period as whole, metals/steel and chemicals on average account for around one third of the cases respectively.

  • The first six months of 2022 indicates a significant fall in the number of cases involving the metals sector as shown in the line graph below.

Source: WTO

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