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Countervailing Duties
  • 2018 and 2020 saw record levels of countervailing duty investigations.

  • There appears to have been a significant fall in CVD investigations in 2021.​

  • The US has by far been the most active in countervailing duties, with the EU and Canada also initiating significant numbers of cases.

  • Over the whole period, an average of 59% of CVD investigations resulted in measures.  This is lower than anti-dumping (67%) but higher than safeguards (50%).

  • As with anti-dumping China is the exporting country most involved in CVD investigations.

  • India has also faced a significant number of investigations.

  • Over the period 1995-2022, almost half of investigations initiated have involved metals/steel products.

  • Chemicals also accounts for around one third of CVD investigations, a similar rate to the proportion of anti-dumping investigations it faces.

Source: WTO

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